Tri Kappa Regional Training Conference was held recently at the Community Learning Center in Kendallville, Indiana. It was hosted by Province Officer IV, Province Officer VI, Province Officer VIII, Province Officer X and Province Officer Xll, and the members of the Tri Kappa chapters. There are seven training sessions throughout Indiana that host all Tri Kappa chapters from twelve provinces during the fall of 2023.

Tri Kappa is a philanthropic organization existing only within Indiana. Membership totals nearly 7,000 in 140 Active and 82 Associate chapters. Tri Kappa members donate over $1.5 million every year to the endeavors of charity, culture, and education within their own communities and through state projects.

Officers and members attending from the Plymouth Beta Delta chapter were Stacey Patrick serving on the State Scholarship Committee representing Province 12. Officers and members attending from the Plymouth Associate Chapter were President – Shelley Heiden, Treasurer – Claudia Button, and Recording Secretary – Linda Starr. The Associate Chapter was awarded a blue ribbon for being the largest chapter in our province.

The Province Officer opened the General Session. State reports and testimonies were given. The convention keynote address was given by Council President Laurie Bloom from the Kendallville Alpha Associate Chapter.

Following a luncheon, the Fine Arts Committee representative presented a report and awards were presented to winners of the Fine Arts competition. Training sessions were held for delegates, all chapter officers, and scholarship representatives.

 Photo Caption: Plymouth Tri Kappa members attending the Regional Training Conference (bottom left) are Claudia Button, Linda Star (above) Shelley Heiden from the Associate Chapter, and Stacey Patrick from the Active Chapter.