Earlier this month, Plymouth Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt updated the Board of Public Works and Safety on the Hoham Drive improvement project.  The subcontractor for NIPSCO who is rerouting a gas main for the reconstruction project continues to slow the progress of the project. 

The contractor for the Hoham Drive reconstruction project, Milestone is concerned with the number of delays.  This project is scheduled to be completed this construction season and Marquardt said they are hopeful to have it completed by Thanksgiving.  One promising sign of progress on the project were the locates for the water and sewer lines that Milestone will be working on. 

Several weeks ago, City Attorney Sean Surrisi sent a letter NIPSCO warning them of the cost of delays on the project and that they could be responsible for the overages. 

The Board of Public Works and Safety also approved the request of Cemetery Superintendent Mike Collins approved to conduct a burn within the city limits.  Recent storms damages three trees taking down some large branches.  Collins said he has a large pile of brush to get rid of.   

Airport manager Bill Sheley asked the Board of Public Works to approve a change for the airport laborer/maintenance seasonal job description.  Sheley said, “We basically took the part-time position that was already on the salary ordinance and rewrote it as seasonal being that seasonal can work a 40-hour week.” He continued, “We also wrote it with our high school aviation program in mind for part of the requirements would be having some college education in aviation.” Sheley explained, “This way we can hire someone for seasonal summertime, in the spring, and get them some actual airport experience for their resume for moving forward from college.” The airport manager told the Board of Public Works that the Plymouth Aviation Board had already approved the request.  The Board of Public Works and Safety also approved the modification.