David’s Courage, a nonprofit that has a home for men recovering from addiction, will soon open a second-phase housing project in Plymouth.

David’s Courage currently operates a home that houses an average of 20 men for a recovery program typically lasting nine to 12 months. Once a resident completes the recovery program and is ready to move out, they are faced with a housing shortage available to them. David’s Courage is taking steps to fill that gap with second-phase housing.

“Our guys do great in the program” states Gregg Erickson, Board President and Manager of David’s Courage. “When they are ready to leave, they are excited to start their lives. It is very discouraging for them when they are unable to find a safe and supportive environment to live in.”

Second-phase housing will be for qualified men who have graduated from the recovery program at David’s Courage and are ready to continue their sobriety in a less structured environment. Erickson adds “second phase housing will give our guys more independence yet still provide structure and accountability. We will have a house manager and the residents will be expected to continue to attend aspects of our recovery program.”

The second-phase housing is an existing apartment complex at the corner of Lincolnway East and Pennsylvania Avenue. Significant construction needs to take place to get it up to code and livable. It will eventually hold four one-bedroom apartments.

Erickson adds “A few statistics we have found state ‘men who have the opportunity to move into second phase housing more than double their chances of living out their sobriety goals.’ Our guys need this opportunity to continue to heal and grow.”

David’s Courage has applied for a grant from the Division of Mental Health and Addiction that could potentially cover a significant portion of the housing renovations. David’s Courage is also in the middle of a Restore the Roof campaign to cover the cost of a new roof needed for their existing home. This community has been great at embracing David’s Courage. If you are interested in supporting their large renovation projects, please reach out to them.

David’s Courage is a Christ-centered residential recovery program and transitional residency facility for men, and in the future for women, recovering from drug and alcohol addiction in Plymouth, Indiana. Learn more at www.Facebook.com/DavidsCourage or www.DavidsCourage.com.