On Monday, August 14th the Plymouth Common Council heard the first reading of an ordinance to repeal the Dog Registration and Taxes for the city.   

Since 1918, the City of Plymouth has required the owners of dogs within the corporate boundaries to annually register their dogs and pay an associated tax for each dog.  Currently the fee is $1.00 for each male dog and spayed female dog and $3.00 for each unspayed female dog.

While participation in the mandatory program has been light, data from the last 8 years shows that the city consistently spends more money on the production of dog registration tags than is collected in dog taxes. It is believed that an enforcement program for locating and ticketing the owners of unregistered dogs would be impractical.

Given these factors provided, the City Council will consider on second and third reading of the ordinance to repeal all requirements for dog registration and the imposition of associated taxes within the city at their next meeting on Monday, August 28th.