During the August 10th meeting of the Marshall County Council, members unanimously approved amending the current ordinance handling jury compensation. 

The County Council has the responsibility of setting juror pay and recently state legislation modernized jury pay to better compensate citizens called to serve as jurors. 

The amended ordinance increases juror pay for circuit, and superior court in Marshall County. 

The new rate is $30 for each day the juror is in actual attendance in court until the jury is impaneled.  Once the jury has been selected those members will receive $80 for each day through five days.  If a jury trial goes past five days, jury pay will increase to $90 daily until the jury is discharged. 

Jurors are also compensated for mileage from their home to the courthouse at the same rate paid to state officials and employees. 

The amended ordinance is in full force and effect from the adoption date of August 10th.