Indiana State Statute requires county sheriffs to present bi-annual commissary reports to the fiscal body which is the County Council in Marshall County. The report had an opening balance of $222,969.30.   

Sheriff Matt Hassel told the council, “I use the commissary fund as much as I can to supplement what we get from the General Fund and the Special LIT (Local Income Tax) Fund.”  He said the report shows they spent $76,000 more than what they took in.

Sheriff Hassel showed in the report that they spent $24,838.30 on vehicle accessories and spent $50,828 for vehicles so that shows the $76,000 overage in expenses in the report.   

The report shows receipts from January 1, 2023, through June 30, 2023, of $34,623.32.  Those revenues come from the Coke machine at $50, donations which were $1,100, inmate purchases such as food and visits for $1,457.58, the profits from Steller at $24,533.95, reimbursements for indigent haircuts at $123.10, Telemate for $6,734.39 and uncategorized income of $624.30.   

The expenditures for that same period totaled $110,862.90.  Expenses included mileage for the bus, and equipment totaling $26,516.83. Under Services, are bank fees, equipment maintenance contracts, inmate services, legal, and training for $25,523.20.  The sheriff’s Summer Camp costs are also paid out of the commissary fund for $3,286.45 and vehicles for $50,828 and supplies for $6,641.70.

The bottom line of the Commissary Fund still has a balance of $146,729.72 and with that, the County Council accepted the Commissary Report.