During the public comment portion of the Commissioner’s meeting last week, Sheriff Matt Hassel and Zack McGugan discussed the purchase request of new software for 911 services.

During the July 17th meeting, no one from the Sheriff’s Department attended the meeting and County Attorney Jim Clevenger brought forth an agreement for 911 service and software licensing.  He said the contract is between the Sheriff and Communication Venture Corp. for the new 911 software. 

During last month’s meeting, the county attorney said the contract has an initial term of 3 years with automatic renewal terms afterward.  Clevenger said, “The contract is long and as typical, is one-sided in favor of the vendor with little warranty protection for the user.  I’m not sure if the commissioners or the sheriff want me to see if I can negotiate more favorable terms.” 

The 3-year investment is $27,892.

Without having the sheriff or a representative at the July meeting the commissioners took no action. 

Last Monday, the Sheriff and Zack appeared and told the commissioners they are currently using the free version of the software and wanted to purchase the premium version.  Sheriff Hassel said rapid response is his main concern and with 3 deputies on patrol at any given time and having to cover a county that is 22 miles long and 20 miles wide, the new software will give central dispatch and the officer’s computers the callers exact location before they even pick up the phone. 

Zack said the new software greatly increases technology inside the central dispatch center when someone calls.  He said they immediately have their location, and the premium version gives them mapping capabilities, and the ability to talk directly to alarm companies.  It also saves on confusion when a 911 call comes in close to the county line.  The new system can easily transfer the call to the right dispatching entity. 

The sheriff will ask to have the automatic renewal removed from the agreement and when it’s been changed the new agreement will be sent to the commissioners for final approval to allow the sheriff sign the new agreement.