Monday’s Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety meeting was opened with Mayor Mark Senter announcing the upcoming appointment of Patrolman Matt Emenhiser as Assistant Police Chief.

The mayor said he started his career at Plymouth PD, he was a member of the Marian Police Department for two years and returned to Plymouth.  He currently has 10 years with the Plymouth Police Department.  Matt serves as the DARE Officer and holds a bachelor’s degree from Ball State and has been a member of the Indiana National Guard since 2009.  As an infantry officer Captain, he manages 180 soldiers under his command.

Matt Emenhiser will be sworn in as Plymouth’s next Assistant Police Chief Monday morning August 21st

Members of the Board of Public Works and Safety also approved the request of Police Chief Dave Bacon to offer conditional employment to two individuals.       

Lance Balsley is academy certified and was a member of the 77-pension fund.

Jesse Witkowski is an Air Force veteran and will need to go through the physical and psychological testing for the 77-pension fund.

In giving a breakdown of the timeline Chief Bacon said, “Mr. Balsley can start immediately due to his qualifications.  Mr. Witkowski, our last conditional offer, which was Jess Fisher in June.  I’m still waiting on word from the 77 fund.  I’m expecting it this week.” 

Councilman Jeff Houin asked, with this hiring if the department would be a full staff and the chief said yes with his offer, the department will have officers’ number 24 and 25.  Houin then asked about the School Resource Officer.  The chief had indicated that once at full staff of 25, the department would be able to provide a second school resource officer for the Plymouth School Corporation. Chief Bacon explained until his staff is fully trained, he won’t be able to provide the second officer.  He’s anticipating the second School Resource Officer will be available for the second semester.