Tom McFadden, acting chairman of the Marshall County Regional Sewer District appeared before the County Council last week to express his appreciation of support with ARP Funds. 

McFadden said, “I want to commend this council and the commissioners for supporting the district’s efforts with the appropriation of ARPA Funds today to pay for our startup costs.”  He said with the funds becoming available they will plan their first formal organizational meeting later this week or next week. 

Council president Jesse Bohannon asked about the meetings of the district. 

McFadden said he will be working with the other members of the board and the County Auditor to set up regular meeting dates and times.  He said they don’t plan to live stream their first meeting because there is a lot of housekeeping to take care of such as the election of officers, adopting bylaws, and adopting banking resolutions along with policies and procedures.

McFadden said the meetings will be conducted in the Commissioner’s meeting room on the second floor of the County Building.   He said they are planning on having the meetings in the morning.  McFadden said the reason for conducting the meetings during the day is because they will have officials coming from other departments that will be in attendance. 

Bohannon said the council’s appointment, Chris Spiers works during the day, and he would hope the meetings would be called at a time that he can be available to attend. 

McFadden said the board could decide to allow members to attend virtually with the use of technology.       

The Marshall County Regional Sewer Board is a 7-member board with the County Commissioners having 5 appointments, the County Council having 1 appointment, and the Mayor of Plymouth making 1 appointment. 

Appointees by the County Commissioners are Brenda Meyers from Lawrence Lake and Thomas McFadden from Lake Latonka.  They will each serve 4-year terms.   Diann Parsons from Cook Lake and Jay Stone from Myers Lake will serve 3-year terms and Debbie Palmer from Myers Lake will also be a board member with a 2-year term.

Mayor Mark Senter appointed City Councilman Don Ecker to the Regional Sewer Board.  His term is for 2 years.  Chris Spiers is the County Council’s appointment, and his term is 4 years.

The first organizational meeting will be Tuesday, August 22nd at 9 a.m. in the Commissioner’s meeting room on the second floor of the County Building.  This meeting will be open to the public but it won’t be live-streamed.