Over the last year, the City of Plymouth and the project steering committee have been on the journey to create a plan to continue to move “Plymouth Forward” as a desirable and attractive place to live, visit, work, learn, collaborate, and play in. During this process, the city and the steering committee established a guiding vision, foundational values to hold up the vision, and the goals supporting the three core values: Well-being, Collaboration, and Growth.

The committee would not have gotten to this point if it wasn’t for the community telling them what they value and their needs and future aspirations for Plymouth. To kick off this process, the City engaged participants at last year’s Latino Festival, issued the first input survey that received over 270 responses, and engaged many community leaders, community organizations, businesses, and public institutions at three focus group workshops in April and May 2023.

Now the city and the steering committee need your input once again! First, they need resident’s help with creating a priority action program by completing a brief survey that asks you to prioritize the strategies under each of the goals, organized by the three core values, you would like to see the city first focus on implementing. Then, they need to know your support and if you like the Future Character Map and the Character Area Descriptions.

Your feedback will play a crucial role in determining which strategies become the City’s top priorities for implementation over the next five years. Your voice matters, and they want to hear from you! The committee said, “Together, we can create a vision for Plymouth that reflects the vision of a vibrant community.” Participate in the survey, share your thoughts on the character map and descriptions, and let’s work hand in hand to make Plymouth a place we are all proud to call home. The survey and future character map are accessible for online input at http://www.plymouthforward.com under the “Get Involved” section and will be available now through September 18th. If you would like to share your input or have questions, please call or email Donny Ritsema with MACOG at 574-287-1829, ext. 503, or dritsema@macog.com.

To stay informed of plan updates and receive notifications for future events, follow the City on Facebook @City of Plymouth, IN-Mayor’s Office, or by visiting the plan website at http://www.plymouthforward.com.