Marshall County’s Veterans Service Officer Pan Schweizer-Betz presented her quarterly report to the commissioners on Monday.  She told them she’s had 358 in-office personal interviews to date and submitted 475 claims along with 1845 counseling sessions.  She said, “It’s been busy, but we are getting a lot done.  Wednesday is the last day for filing for the PAC Act so it will slow down hopefully a little bit after that.”     

Schweizer-Betz said only 19 veterans have reported back to her on the amount of their financial claims.  She said the average monthly benefit is $1800 coming into those veterans. The back-pay to those veterans was $511,000.  She said the numbers aren’t accurate because not everybody reports back to her once their claim is processed and they begin receiving benefits.

County Commissioner Mike Burroughs said he’d received a 5-minute voicemail call from a veteran claiming the “wonderful attitude, the wonderful service that you have given him and other veterans throughout northern Indiana and not just here in Marshall County.”  The commissioner said to her, “I want you to know your actions, and we’ve told you this before, you are going way above and beyond, and thank you very much.”  At that point in the meeting applause broke out as the audience also wanted to thank her for her service to the citizens of the county.