During Monday’s Marshall County Commissioners meeting, the appointment of an interim director for Marshall County Community Corrections was approved.

Former Director Ward Byers, resigned in July to fill the vacancy of Director of Security for the Plymouth Community School Corporation when Ted Brown resigned from that position to move over to the Transportation Director’s position. 

Dean Culver, Judge of Marshall County Superior Court II also serves as president of the Marshall County Community Corrections Advisory Board.  On Monday he asked commissioners to approve a temporary agreement for an interim director with a salary set at 90% of the director’s salary.

Judge Colvin told the commissioner a search team, made up of members of the board, has been deployed to review applications for the position.  He said the advisory board believes an interim needs to be in place until a new director can be hired to handle the office.  The Judge said, “We need someone to take the reins of the Community Corrections program and we have a very capable individual who’s been with Community Corrections for a long period of time as our assistant director, Jill McKinney.” 

The agreement approved by the commissioners names Jill McKinney as the interim director with a pay rate modification of 90% of the director’s salary.  The agreement terminates upon the hiring of a new director.  It also provides retroactive pay for McKinney back to the July 20 date when Byers’s resignation took effect.