The Marshall County Council will meet at 9 a.m. on Thursday, August 10 for their regular monthly meeting and the 2024 budget hearings. Their meeting is in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building.

During the regular meeting, members will hear from Tom McFadden, Director of the Marshall County Regional Sewer District, and Sheriff Matt Hassel who will present the Commissary Fund Report. 

Sandy Dunfee from the Marshall County Health Department is going to discuss the Health First Budget. More than 60 of the state’s counties have signed up to receive their share of $225 million in public health funds through the Health First Indiana Initiative including Marshall County.

Indiana ranks 42nd nationwide in infant mortality, 45th in percentage of smokers, and 46th in obesity.  Depending on what county you live in, your county health department could receive as much as $83 in funding per person or as little as $1.25 per person.  The amount of money each county receives will depend on the total number of counties that opt-in.  The current estimate Marshall County will receive is between $535,854 and $714,472.

The County Council will also consider new juror compensation and the establishment of new county funds.  Also on their agenda is additional and transfer appropriations. 

Following the regular monthly meeting, the County Council will begin reviewing the 2024 budget requests with the various elected officials and department heads. Those individuals will have an opportunity to discuss their budget needs and requests with council members and explain the increases. 

The Budget Hearings can be quite lengthy, and it will take several hours or longer to get through the 74 budgets being presented. 

The Budget Hearings are open to the public. 

The second review of the 2024 budgets will be on September 14th and next year’s budget is expected to be adopted during the October 12 meeting of the County Council.