The Marshall County Commissioners heard the request for assistance from Celebrate Recovery during their meeting on July 17th.

Charlie Carlisle and Rebecca Bickel both recovering addicts from the Christ-centered recovery group at Plymouth Church of the Brethren told the commissioners they help citizens in the community who are struggling with any type of addiction.  They also work with David’s Courage. 

They offer a 12-step program for those who have addictions to drugs and alcohol but also for those who have addictions to overeating, gambling, co-dependency, or have issues with lying, anxiety, and grief.    The program is typically one year and the only requirement for membership is a desire to change.

The mission of Celebrate Recovery is to bring the family back together.  Not only do they work with adults but they also offer a teen program.  They also offer programming in the Marshall County Jail.   

Charlie told the commissioners they need help to provide the materials for the program.  He said there is a crisis in this community and Celebrate Recovery wants to help people who are struggling turn their lives around. 

Celebrate Recovery didn’t make a specific request but asked the commissions for any assistance possible. 

The commissioners thanked them for the information but took no action on the request.