Last week, Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi updated members of the Redevelopment Commission on the Hoham Drive Project in TIF District # 1. 

Surrisi said they are continuing to wait on NIPSCO to complete the gas line relocation for the project.  He said, “They’ve had some significant delays with that.   Milestone, the contractor for the road project is working to move forward with some of their work that’s not in the same area that NIPSCO is in and I’m working with Lochmueller Group to prepare a letter to send to NIPSCO to put them on notice that the delays they’ve presented us with could potentially impact the construction schedule and result in some cost overruns.  If that is the case, we may be looking to them to help with that overage.” 

The city attorney said he planned to get the letter out within the next week.  He also said they are meeting every two weeks with the contractor and the construction engineers from Lochmueller who are doing the inspections for the city. 

Redevelopment Commission member Craig Hopple asked if NIPSCO had explained the reason for the delay and Surrisi said, “It took them longer to get started than they had planned.  Initially, they were to start in March, and it didn’t happen until June.  The plan was for them to be done by early July and at that time they told us there were additional delays.”

There was concern with detours and Surrisi the city hasn’t been notified of any issues.  He said during the Blueberry Festival there should be no restrictions at the intersection for north-south traffic.