With Hoosier students getting ready to go back to school, families around the state are buying new school supplies and outfits so their child is ready for another year of learning.

Senator Mike Bohacek said in a recent release, “One expense Hoosier families won’t have to worry about this year is covering the cost of curriculum fees, including textbook and technology fees, for their children in public schools.”

The senator continued, “That’s because our new state budget allocates $160 million to cover these expenses beginning this school year, which is part of the state’s historic $2.9 billion investment in new K-12 education funding.”

Senator Bohacek closed his comments by saying, “Making high-quality educational opportunities more accessible to Hoosier students is critical to our student’s – and state’s – long-term success. I was happy to support these initiatives so parents can feel confident in the quality of education their families receive.” 

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