Last week the members of the Marshall County Council discussed their proposed 2024 budget submission to the County Auditor.  

The County Council’s budget only contains 9 standard lines such as wages and salaries for the county council, per diem wages, professional services, legal services, travel and mileage, dues and subscriptions, courthouse project, and other projects.

Council President Jesse Bohannon recommended raising the council’s wages by 3%, the same amount other department heads were told to include in their 2024 budgets, and keeping the per diem the same.

Councilwoman Nicole Cox suggested an increase in legal services.  Originally budgeted at $10,000 for professional services, the new council split it into $5,000 for legal services and $5,000 for professional services.   It was noted during the meeting that the council will consider its own additional appropriation request of $5,000 in August for both legal and professional service line items.  Bohannon recommended raising both line items to $10,000 for the 2024 budget and council members agreed. 

The recommendation was made to leave travel and mileage and dues and subscriptions at the same level as this year but during the conversation, Councilwoman Cox suggested an increase in travel and mileage to allow enough funds for training next year.  It was decided to increase the $1,000 line item to $1,500.          

Bohannon said they won’t need any funds in the courthouse line item in next year’s budget, but the council wanted to keep the $200,000 in next year’s budget for other projects which is the fund they have used to support the County Highway Department.   

Council members approved changes to the 2024 budget and authorized the president to submit the budget to the auditor.

The next County Council meeting will be Thursday, August 10th and this meeting will be at 9 a.m. because of budget discussions with department heads.