Under “New Business” of the County Attorney’s report to the commissioners this week, Jim Clevenger said the Indiana General Assembly amended the juror pay statute to increase juror pay from $15 per day for jury selection to $30 a day.  He said Marshall County has been paying $17.50 per day for jury selection and was unsure why the Marshall County Council had agreed to pay $2.50 per day more than the state statute. 

Mr. Clevenger said Juror service pay has also increased from $40 daily to $80 for the first 5 days and $90 a day after 5 days of service. 

The county attorney told the commissioners, “Marshall County has an old ordinance that provides for extra pay to Marshall County citizens for jury service.  I do not think the old ordinance has been followed and I do not see that the old ordinance was modified when the rates were last set by the state.” 

Attorney Clevenger said the jury pay statute provides that the fiscal body, the county council, is to set juror pay.  He said he sent a memo to the County Council’s attorney Marcel Lebbin suggesting the council may want to clarify juror pay in Marshall County.