On Tuesday, July 18th the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission conducted a public hearing to amend the Economic Development Plans for TIF # 1 at US 30 and Oak Road, TIF # 2 for the East Jefferson and Central Business District, and TIF # 3 at US 30 and Pine Road.   

During the public hearing, the only comments were from City Attorney Sean Surrisi discussed the three resolutions which add an entrepreneurship center project in all three TIF districts.  In TIF District # 2 it also adds the Water Street Townhouse project and the brewery/restaurant project at 101 South Michigan Street.

The Redevelopment Commission passed declaratory resolutions at their June meeting to start the process to add these projects to the TIF districts lists.  The resolutions came before the Plymouth Plan Commission which gave approval that the projects are in line with the goals of the city’s comprehensive plan.  The City Council confirmed that in their last meeting.  With no other comments, the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission unanimously adopted all three resolutions adding the new projects to the development plans for TIF # 1, 2, and 3.