Last week members of the Plymouth Community School Board approved the Walking Zone Guidelines and the proposed Walking Boundaries. 

Ted Brown, newly appointed Transportation Director presented the proposed maps of the new walking boundaries for Plymouth High School, Lincoln Junior High, and Riverside Intermediate Schools.  He explained that boundaries haven’t really been modified in more than 30 years.  He said for the most part that the changes bring in the new housing developments and residential living areas. 

The boundaries for walking were addressed earlier during the redistricting efforts for the elementary schools. 

Brown said a committee that included school personnel, administration, and transportation was created to look at walking boundaries.

(the orange color is the origional walking boundaries and the blue is the new extended walking areas)  

The walking boundaries for Plymouth High School were extended on the north and east to include Centennial Crossings, the trailer parts on the west side of Michigan Street across from Centennial Park, the Carriage Green Apartments, and the Riverside Meadows development.  Brown said the committee felt that high school students were responsible enough to cross Michigan Street.

The Lincoln Junior High map adds in the residential developments of Riverside Meadows and Neidlinger Park and goes to the east to Richter Road and includes Eastside Manor on the south side of Jefferson Street. On the south end of town, it adds walking on the north side of Oak Hill Avenue from Lincoln Street west to the railroad tracks. 

Walking for Riverside Intermediate School was extended to the northeast, east, and southeast to include the Carriage Green Apartments, Riverside Meadows, and Riverside Commons.  It also takes in all the property south of Baker Street to Jefferson Street and to Richter Road on the east. 

Brown said at the beginning of the school year they will reevaluate the crossing guards.  He said Plymouth Police Chief Dave Bacon and City Attorney Sean Surrisi will meet with him and look at each crossing to determine any concerns and work with the city to move crossing guards around to the best locations.

The Plymouth School Board approved the new walking zones and the new guidelines that include walking boundaries are a maximum of approximately 1 mile from the school, with the walking distance being considered as the shortest, most reasonable, and safest route to school.  Brown said the corporation does not assess all possible walking routes, supervise those routes, or guarantee the safety of any route.  He went on to say the guidelines show it is the parents’ responsibility for selecting their students’ walking routes to and from school/home.  The guidelines also state that Crossing Guards should be used when available.