On Saturday, July 15th at approximately 12:15 in the morning, Plymouth Police heard and observed a commotion around Washington and Center Streets.

A female identified as 27-year-old Olivia Coulter of 300 North Center Street ran from the residence toward the Police Department. Olivia had blood on her that she advised did not belong to her but would not cooperate with officers.

Olivia stated that she had struck a male in the head with a bottle but wouldn’t tell officers who the male was.  Officers located a significant amount of blood around the entrance to the residence but were unable to locate the male. Believing that there may be a medical emergency, officers again tried to get Olivia to tell them who the male was, but she refused.

Coulter was arrested and charged with Refusal to Aid an Officer.

Eventually, the male victim was located and taken to the hospital for a serious head wound.

After an investigation, Olivia Coulter was also charged with Domestic Battery Resulting in Moderate Bodily Injury and held on a $5,000 cash bond. 

Readers are reminded that charging information supported by an affidavit of probable cause is a mere allegation that a crime has been committed and that there is only probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. They are presumed innocent throughout the proceedings and are entitled to be represented by counsel and entitled to a trial by jury at which the State is obligated to provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt before a judgment of guilt may be made.