Jen Klingerman, the City of Plymouth’s Human Resources Director last week told members of the Board of Public Works and Safety that she met with Fire Chief Steve Holm recently because he has a couple of firefighters that are interested in getting their paramedic certification. 

Klingerman and Chief Holm have created a contract that firefighters would have to sign, much like the CDL and the EMT A contract.  The only difference with this contract is that it would require the firefighters to stay with the department for 5 years whereas the other contracts are for a 3-year commitment.

If after the firefighter receives the paramedic training and they decide to leave the employment of the City of Plymouth they will have to pay back a portion of the cost of training. The estimated cost for the paramedic training is $7,500. 

Klingerman told the Board of Public Works the Fire Department does currently have one person taking paramedic training.  They understand the proposed contract was presented to the board during last month’s meeting. 

Chief Holm said they have had two or three revisions of the contract and he feels comfortable with the proposed agreement being presented.     

City Attorney Sean Surrisi said the contract is very similar to the others the city already has in place.  With the paramedic training, each year a fifth of the cost will fall off, encouraging the employee to stay with the city. 

All five members of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety approved the new paramedic training contract.