During the June Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals meeting, Hope Jordan submitted an application to establish Thee Barn at 10329 3rd Road.  Her plan for the 2.4-acre parcel zoned A-1 would be to allow them to operate several Artisan and or seasonal markets, and use the property as a photographic location. 

During that public hearing, several neighbors spoke in opposition to the proposed commercial use citing parking, additional traffic, trash, maintenance of the property, the speed vehicles are driving, and drainage. 

Mrs. Jordan was able to answer many of the questions but after a lengthy discussion, the County BZA tabled the June request wanting more clarification on parking, number of vendors, traffic flow, signage, and the number of events. 

This week the County Board of Zoning Appeal conducted another lengthy discussion with Hope Jordan on the proposed Variance of Use for Thee Barn.  During the 90-minute presentation and question and answer period area, Jordan said they have parking for 178 to 207 vehicles.  She asked for 4 events a year and will put NO PARKING signs on the fence surrounding her property to keep customers from parking on King and 3rd Roads.  Jordan spoke with a representative from the County Highway Department who recommended using the gated fence at the northeast corner of the property for the entrance and exit but neighbors felt dumping traffic into a T intersection wasn’t a good idea. 

There was a question of security, primarily for parking and entering and exiting the parking area and Jordan said she didn’t plan on hiring police to help. 

Neighbors again spoke of the same concerns, who will control overflow parking, where will vendors park with their vehicles and trailers, the condition of the county roads and the additional traffic, losing their peaceful living, parking when the ground is wet because it has a low area and the impact to the value of their properties and homes. 

County BZA members asked about a different location to enter the parking area and Jordan said she was willing to move it to their recommendation.  As for law enforcement to assist, Jordan said she had family members that would be assisting in patrolling the county roads to keep people from parking on them.  She also said they are working to clean up the property and requested a 1-year trial period to show the BZA and neighbors that the two could coexist. 

The County Board of Zoning Appeals granted Hope Jordan a 1-time event as a trial run.  They are allowing a 2-day event, for a Saturday and Sunday with set-up being permitted on Friday.  She will also move the entrance to the parking lot on 3rd Road east of the barn.