Last week members of the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals were asked to reconsider the variance of use they granted to Star Plymouth LLS to repurpose the existing building at 320 North Kingston Road into an indoor climate-controlled self-storage facility.

During the June meeting the Plymouth BZA granted the variance of use to Star Plymouth LLC but requested the developer fix the water issue, mill and resurface the parking lot, fix the drainage issues, install sidewalks on the north and west side of the property, and wrap the diamond-shaped stone façade or cover it in stucco.  The BZA also stated no equipment rentals or outside sales and that the developer would fulfill the pledges of improvement including lights and landscaping described in the letter submitted with the application. 

The developer, Star Plymouth LLC sent a letter back to the BZA and stated they would address all water issues, they would paint the façade and after 3 years if the paint isn’t acceptable, they would either wrap the diamond facade or cover it with stucco.  Parking on the west side of the property would be milled and subdivided in preparation for a parking area and the creation of a separate out lot that could be sold within 3 years.  They would also add fencing to prevent unwanted traffic and any area not needed for parking would be converted into grass. Star Plymouth LLC said they wouldn’t put a sidewalk on East Jefferson Street because there aren’t any pedestrians and the sidewalk on Kingston Road could be delayed up to 3 years depending upon the sale of the subdivided lot.   

The developer, who is from New York, did not attend the meeting in person or online. 

There was a discussion with local citizens who attended the meeting and wanted the BZA to act on the reconsideration. 

BZA president Art Jacobs said the board’s procedural rules say if a petitioner doesn’t participate in the meeting the BZA can’t take official action and their request dies.

Plan Director Ralph Booker said the developer would still be committed to what was approved with the variance of use that was granted in June.   

This means he can continue with the indoor, climate-controlled, self-storage units but must follow the stipulations outlined in last month’s meeting.