The Marshall County Commissioners heard a complaint from a 4B Road resident on the alleged recent theft of his pickup truck.

Jim Hulse told the commissioners Monday, “I’m here to complain and voice my frustrations with the Sheriff’s Department.”  He said, “I know you guys have nothing to do with the department, but this is my opportunity to vent my frustrations over the theft of a pickup truck.”  Hulse alleges that two young men who were drunk stole his truck on May 14th.  He said they crashed the truck twice, once by driving over a mailbox and into a ditch and then spinning out in the road and ending up in a swamp. 

Mr. Hulse told the commissioners he paid $8 for a crash report from the incident that lists the driver as unknown, the gender as unknown but stated one of them was 22 years old. Hulse said, “We don’t know to this day who was driving our truck.  I’ve been to the Prosecutor’s Office three times, and they’ve not got any reports from the Sheriff’s Department.  I’m just upset, mad, and angry that the Sheriff lied on these reports.”  Mr. Hulse said the two men were arrested, lodged in the jail overnight, and bonded out the next morning.

The insurance company for Mr. Hulse totaled the truck but he contends that the accident report made it no big deal, stating that the truck was off the roadway in the grass with a little water.

Commissioner Klotz asked the Sheriff’s Department to respond to his complaint and Lt. Detective Les McFarland was sent by the sheriff to respond.  He said he didn’t cover the incident but told the commissioners and Mr. Hulse that two underage individuals were in the truck and each one said the other one was driving. The Detective said the two claimed they didn’t steal the truck, but that Mr. Hulse’s son gave them the truck.  He said if they were given the truck there would be no charge for auto theft.   

The detective explained the arrest as illegal consumption by a minor.  A charge the Sheriff’s Department could prove in a court of law. 

Mr. Hulse wasn’t happy with the officer’s comments, and said, “I’m tired of getting crapped on.”  The detective did offer to sit down and meet with Mr. Hulse at the Sheriff’s Department and review the case.  He also told Mr. Hulse that he could contact the Indiana State Police if he wasn’t satisfied with the service he’s received from the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department and have them investigate the alleged theft. 

Mr. Hulse said he would contact the ISP Post for assistance.