The Michiana Brewers will play a double hitter at Nixon Field in Centennial Park this Sunday, July 9th.

The Brewers are made up of mainly college and ex-minor league baseball players with some high school talent sprinkled in.  They currently have two players from Plymouth High School on the team, Matt Manzuk and Mathew Dobuck. The Brewers are members of the National Amateur Baseball Federation and have been the runner-up of the Fort Wayne NABF Regional for three of the last four years.    

This Sunday beginning at 1 p.m. the Michiana Brewers, with a 9-9 record will take on the Fort Wayne Jackers who have a 14-1 record this year at Nixon Field. Both teams were Co-Champs of the Red Carrington League out of Fort Wayne.       

The Brewers just won the Michiana Firecracker Tourney hosted by the Midland Tribe out of Midland, MI.

The Michiana Brewers are managed by Shawn Harper, a 2021 National Semi-Pro Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee, and coached by Chuck Bowen, the Ancilla College Head Coach.

There is no admission charge to attend the games.