Turkey Run State Park was named the seventh best state park in the United States in a list of 15 according to TravelAwaits, a website dedicated to travelers 50 and older.

The site mentions the park’s sandstone gorges, suspension bridge, and Sugar Creek as reasons why Turkey Run stands out.

For more details on the list TravelAwaits compiled, see travelawaits.com/2885378/best-us-state-parks.

For a similar landscape to Turkey Run that can have fewer crowds, try Shades State Park. It’s located a 20-minute drive northeast at 7751 S. 890 W. in Waveland, 47989. See on.IN.gov/shades for more information.

Turkey Run State Park (on.IN.gov.turkeyrunsp) is at 8121 East Park Road in Marshall, 47859.