The Plymouth Public Library was granted permission to have four directional signs placed at the intersections of North Michigan and Washington Streets and West Jefferson and Center Streets during Monday’s Board of Public Works and Safety Meeting. 

Brandon Richie, representing the library, said the library is willing to provide the signs for the city to install.

Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt said as he reviewed the request, he found a couple of signs that can be removed so the new library directional signs can be installed.

The Board of Public Works and Safety approved the request.

Discussing the Plymouth Public Library, Councilman Jeff Houin said a constituent contacted him with concerns about the amount of traffic still traveling south on Center Street between Washington and Garro Street. 

The Plymouth Library is undergoing a major renovation project that will last until April 2024.  They were granted permission to use the parking spaces on Center Street for equipment storage with southbound traffic being routed for that one block due to the narrowing of the street.    

Houin said the constituent suggested a more visible sign that said DO NOT ENTER instead of the detour sign. 

Some traffic continues to travel southbound at all times of the day even with the detour signs up.  With the Plymouth Fire Department located in the next block, fire trucks and ambulances need an unobstructed path to head north on Center Street. 

On Wednesday, the Plymouth Street Department placed a new sign at the intersection for southbound traffic that says DO NOT ENTER.