Tuesday afternoon more than 100 people attended the Remedy Live presentation at the REES Theatre in downtown Plymouth. 

This past year, the “Remedy Live” Get Schooled Tour was presented to all 7-school systems in Marshall County.  During those presentations, over 2,400 students used their electronic devices to answer a variety of questions that were pushed out to them from Remedy Live.  The questions focused on mental health, addictions, abuse, and other issues students are facing. All of the information was gathered anonymously. 

The presentation on Tuesday revealed some of the data that was collected from the surveys countywide.  Those in attendance included community leaders, school administrators, counselors and school board members, mental health professionals, people who work with the youth in Marshal County, and general citizens.   

The presentation was similar to the program students attended in their schools with loud music, flashing lights, and big screens displaying information.  Participants were asked to take survey questions during the presentation on Tuesday and results were shown on the scene in the REES just as the students did during their presentations.

Only a small amount of data gathered from the students was shared with the crowd.  One interesting statistic was that 47% of students don’t trust adults.   Marshall County students shared that 50.1% of them are experiencing ongoing emotional pain.  21.6% or 1 of every 5 students has experimented with vaping and 26.3% of the students who participated in the survey have been approached by another student and offered an illegal substance.  The survey also showed that 46.4% of students have family members that use illegal substances.