Last week the Marshal County Plan Commission heard the request of the Town of LaPaz for a minor subdivision to reconfigure ground into three parcels in the T-1 zoning district. 

Roger Ecker, President of the LaPaz Town Council appeared before the County Plan Commission to explain their plan.  There are three parties involved in this transaction, the Town of LaPaz, North Township, and the LaPaz Volunteer Fire Department. The reconfiguration more appropriately aligns with the intended uses of the properties.

Mr. Ecker said North Township has been very supportive of the plan to adjust property lines for their $280,000 phase I of the park project. 

During the public hearing, there were only a few comments.  Steve Barber, a member of the North Township Advisory Board spoke in favor.  He said the land behind the fire station belongs to North Township but had fallen into disrepair and the building dilapidated. Barber said this plan will spruce up the land with the support of the Town of LaPaz.  He said, “I believe it is for the common good of the community of the Town of LaPaz as well as North Township.”

North Township Trustee Emily Haskins said they’ve worked with the Town of LaPaz and the fire department to split the parcels.  She said the township owns the property but will be donating it to the Town of LaPaz to make the park project a reality.  In exchange, LaPaz is donating a small portion of their property back to the Fire Department which is also surrendering some property for the project. Haskins said they will give the fire department the property they need to expand in the future. 

An adjoining property owner, Robert Holowatuk has property immediately south and asked if there were plans for additional housing.  Ecker said the only building in phase I of the park project will be a restroom facility and a couple of pickleball courts along with an expanded playground area.   

With no other comments, the Marshall County Plan Commission approved the reconfiguration of the three lots for the LaPaz Park Project.  The motion passed with an 8-0 vote.