The rain event on Sunday has caused the City of Plymouth to enact its Combines Sewer Notification Plan.

Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson put out a notice at about 7:30 Monday morning warning citizens of the city’s sewer system exceeding capacity due to the 2.15” of rain in a short period of time. 

Davidson said, “Weather conditions indicate a strong possibility that overflows could occur in the next 72 hours.”

We recommend affected persons avoid all contact with water downstream of combined sewers. Signage has been posted along our waterways to identify the 10 combine sewer overflow points and where contact with the water could be hazardous to your health. Even during dry weather, the potential also exists, from other sources (wildlife, upstream users, and groundwater discharges) for pollutants to be present in the Yellow River.


Yellow River downstream from: Klinger Street

Yellow River downstream from: Elliot Street

Yellow River downstream from: Magnetic / Bird Park Area

Yellow River downstream from: Cleveland Street

Yellow River downstream from: Sixth Street

The City of Plymouth encourages you to take the following protective actions when recreating in the urban area.

• Avoid contact with urban streams, especially during and three (3) days after rain.

• Alter urban stream recreational activities to ones that Do Not contact water. For example, try walking or biking along a stream rather than swimming, wading or water skiing.

• Always wash your hands after contacting water in urban streams, especially before eating.

• Use a waterless hand sanitizer at outings that occur near urban streams.