For the sixth year, NIPSCO is accepting applications for a grant to support local nonprofit organizations and first responders who provide public safety education and training across northern Indiana.

Grants are available in amounts ranging from $500 to $5,000. Applications are being accepted now through August 4, 2023, with grant awards announced during the week of August 21.

In 2022, award recipients have utilized the funds, for example, for the following projects: Cass County Emergency Management Agency conducted a public safety training program for volunteer instructors to increase the capacity of individual departments offering their own training, and Steuben Township Volunteer Fire Dept. purchased materials to enhance its Fire Prevention Education program.

Grant opportunities will include, but are not limited to, community and youth public safety education programming and training for first responders, police and fire department fire and carbon monoxide safety programs, education, and training in the prevention of damage to underground natural gas lines, and child-related safety education.

Grant funding is not intended to cover the purchase of equipment other than tools needed to support public safety education programs and training.

Organizations with a mission to support public safety education and training are invited to submit a grant request through NIPSCO’s online request site at

When applying online, please select the “Safety” option from the “Area of Impact” drop-down box on the application.

Documents to submit with a grant request include:

1. Defined project goals

2. Defined alignment with project and community priorities

3. Detailed project description including the amount requested, the scope of the project, and community impact

4. Overview of how support will be recognized (press release, social media, website, etc) and how it will benefit your organization