In 2007 a ribbon cutting was held for the LifePlex facility on Miller Drive and 16 years later, on Monday, June 19th a second ribbon cutting was conducted at the LifePlex to celebrate that Dr. Byron and Mary Holm are again the owners of the Fitness Forum Sports and Wellness. 

Mayor Mark Senter said at the ribbon cutting, “It’s another beautiful day in Plymouth, Indiana.  We are going to repurpose and recut the ribbon that was in 2007 without the albatross on our back anymore and you can quote me.  This is probably the first ribbon cutting where the First Lady (of Plymouth) is here.” Leanne Senter is the Aquatics Director at Fitness Forum Sports & Wellness.

Mary Holm told the crowd gathered at the main entrance, “I just want to thank the community for supporting LifePlex, the idea of LifePlex, the continual care from traditional medicine to rehabilitation, through wellness, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. So many of you have been here to support that model for so long that Byron and I have said, nearly every night, another person came to us today and said it was so good to be back.  It’s just heartwarming to live in a small town.  We love it and we appreciate your support.”

The Holms thanked the “Gang of Nine” a group of civic and political leaders that have been helping to get health care back in Marshall County.  Not just in Plymouth and at the LifePlex but in the county. 

Mary Holm thanked the staff that she says has been through it all.  She said, “This is just a glorious day.  We thought we would retire and be retired but that didn’t work and we’re glad to be back and to serve the community.”  Mary told the crowd that the building is dedicated to the stewardship of God’s grace and gifts.

The Fitness Forum hosted an open house with refreshments, membership specials, games, and prizes.