The Randolph Street Bridge Replacement Project continues to move forward with the Plymouth School Board’s decision to transfer right-of-way property to Marshall County. 

Superintendent Mitch Mawhorter discussed the transfer of real estate during the June 6th meeting.  He said, “PCSC is the owner of property attached to the bridge, the right-of-way.  This land is of little value to PCSC.  Mostly some of the riverbank directly to the bridge.”  He said it’s in the best interest to deed the small parcel of land over to Marshall County to assist in the bridge replacement project.    

Superintendent Mawhorter said corporation attorney, Jeff Houin has done considerable work on this transfer of property and recommended the school board approved the transfer of land.

School Board member Robin Cupka made the motion to approve the transfer of property resolution and it was seconded by member Nicole Christy. The school board voted 5 to 0 to transfer the property to Marshall County.    

On a side note, the Marshall County Commissioners approved a resolution last week on the transfer of property,  It was contingent upon the school board’s approval.

Jason Peters the Marshall County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters told the commissioners on June 5th stage three bridge design work is underway and applications for 401/404 permits have been submitted.   Construction is scheduled for 2025.