The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety approved Police Chief Dave Bacon’s request to offer conditional employment to Jess Fisher at Monday evening’s meeting. 

Chief Bacon said Fisher is an officer with a county police department currently.  He does have to go through physical and psychological testing for the department’s pension fund.

The chief said with this hire they will be at 23 officers and will have two openings left to fill. 

Chief Bacon also requested to promote Ryan Richie to the second-shift sergeant position.  The chief said he’s been on that shift since March and has been a corporal in the department since 2018. 

Bacon said, “When Joe Deisch retired, he was the second-shift sergeant.  The corporal from that shift resigned late last year so that shift was without a supervisor once Joe left and Ryan has filled that spot and done a great job.”

The motion to promote Ryan Richie to the second-shift sergeant position was unanimously approved by members of the Board of Public Works and Safety.  The promotion took effect on June 5th, the first day of the current payroll.