Last week the Plymouth School Board passed a resolution that approves the sale of approximately 2000 surplus iPads. 

Ted Fisher, Chief Technology & Information Officer for the Plymouth Community School Corporation addressed the school board on June 6th about the “disposal” of surplus equipment.  He said, “Dispose is a tough word.  So, we did a kind of a pre-sale where we put out a few feelers to see just how much interest we would have. The staff alone, we have had 169 responses, and half of those would like to buy a second one.”

The iPads will be sold for $75 each and will not come with a charger or cord.  The sale will be to individuals living in the school district and a driver’s license or other form of ID showing proof of residency is required.  Taxpayers will be allowed to purchase a maximum of two devices per person and the iPads come with no warranty or guarantee.  The sale will run through July 14th or when the devices are sold out.    

Kurt Christiansen made the motion to approve the resolution to sell the surplus equipment, the Gen 6 iPads to school staff and the public and it was seconded by Nicole Christy.  The school board approved the resolution by a 5-0 vote