The 13th Annual Rockie Football Auction is live on WTCA this Friday, June 16th beginning at 9 A.M.

Football moms have been working hard the past several weeks to gather hundreds of items for the auction blocks.  As in years past there are lots of gift certificates for services, restaurants, and personal care.  You will find items for yourself, your yard, car, and even the kids.

Here are the categories and time slots for Friday’s auction. The Rockie moms will be posting the items in each time slot on Thursday, but they are still getting donations so things could change.

9-9:30 Kids Section

9:30-10 Family Section

10-10:30 Dad’s Section

10:30-11 Mom’s Section

11-11:30 House and Home Section

11:30-12 Health and Wellness Section

12-12:30 this is where we introduce the Big Ticket Items, but bidding does not close until 3:30 on these.

12:30-1 Fun Activities with your Rockie Players

1-1:30 Summer Fun

1:30-2 Something for Everyone

2-2:30 Plymouth Fan Section

2:30-3 Let’s Have Some Fun Section

3-3:30 Big Ticket Items

Each section is loaded with at least 15 items and the moms say they have been blessed by all of the contributions!