Last week the Plymouth School Board approved a price increase for school lunches for the 2023-2024 school year.

Director of Food Services, Amy Kraszyk told the school board each year they conduct the Paid Lunch Equality Tool with the state.  This year the Plymouth Community School Corporation is required to raise lunch prices for the next school year. 

Amy said, “While we have received waivers in the past several years, the State believes it is time for this adjustment.”  She said the PCSC lunch prices are well below the school corporations in the area.

For the next school year, students in grades kindergarten through 6th grade increased by $.05 to $2.10.  Students in grades 7 through 12th will also see a $.05 increase making their cost $2.20 for the regular hot lunch.

Kraszyk said adult meal prices will be calculated once the reimbursement rates for the coming school year are released later this summer. School Board member Kurt Christiansen motioned to approve the increase and it was seconded by Stacey Patrick.  There was a unanimous vote of approval for the school lunch price increase for the next school year.