As spring turns to summer many people are wanting to complete home improvement projects on their homes.  Often these projects cost thousands of dollars paving the way for scammers to take advantage of homeowners.  The Indiana State Police are encouraging the public to be aware of potential scams, so you don’t become a victim of fraud.

The Indiana State Police Bremen Post recently received a report involving a driveway sealing scam where a homeowner was defrauded out of thousands of dollars.  This scam involved the alleged company showing up to the victim’s house offering to seal their driveway for a bargain because they had materials left over from another job, but the job had to be done right away.  The scammer would not give the cost but said it would be done at a greatly discounted rate and paperwork would be completed once the job was finished.  Once completed the scammer demanded a large amount of money.  The victim negotiated a lower price and paid only to have the “sealer” flake off within days.

The Indiana State Police offer some tips, so you don’t become the victim of scams.

  • Be wary of scammers showing up unsolicited because they “are in the area.”
  • Scammers say they have leftover materials to use at a discounted rate.
  • Scammers pressure you to do the job now.
  • Scammers promise a deal but demand a high payment once the job is done.

When preparing to have a project completed:

  • Use licensed and insured contractors.
  • Get recommendations from people you know and trust.
  • Check reviews carefully.
  • Get a contract to review before work starts.
  • Don’t pay the full amount up front.
  • Get multiple estimates.
  • Research the company or contractor.

Protect yourself so you don’t become a victim of home improvement fraud.  If you have been a victim of fraud, report it.  You could be the missing piece of the puzzle that will lead to the scammer getting caught and save others from becoming victims.