Monday evening Plymouth Fire Chief Steve Holm took time during the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting to recognize two employees. 

On Friday morning, June 2nd the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call of an elderly woman with dementia that had walked away from her home in the 8,000 block of 7B Road.  The family was requesting assistance in locating her.

Officers from the Sheriff’s Department, Indiana State Police, and one of their K9 Units, Indiana Department of Natural Resource Officers and one of their K9 Units, along with three members of the Plymouth Fire Department.

A grid search was started and at about noon the female was located in a ditch.

Chief Holm said he and Assistant Chief Chuy Garcia and Firefighter/ EMT Justyn Wade assisted at the scene.  Once on the scene Garcia and Wade began a search and found footprints that were small and appeared to shuffle as they went along.  He said they followed the trail through a farm field and along a ditch where the growth was 4 to 5 feet tall.  Chief Holm said the K9s had been working for a few hours and were successful in locating the elderly woman.  Garcia and Wade continued to search going along the ditch and into the thick overgrowth.  They were the ones who eventually found the woman.        

She was transported to the Hospital for examination.

Chief Holm said the incident was successful with a positive outcome from resources and agencies working jointly together but he wanted to commend his two employees for their determination to find the woman.