Last week the County Council received an update on the issue of getting the Cender Dalton invoices paid from Council President Jesse Bohannon. 

Bohannon said he met with the Commissioners last Monday and during the discussion, they requested a modification of the one-year service agreement limiting the scope of financial services that Cender Dalton would provide to the County Council.  The new agreement limits the scope of work to the county budget process and services related to wage and job descriptions. 

During Thursday evening’s meeting, the County Council motioned to approve the amended municipal services agreement.

Councilman Tim Harman said, “I really don’t think we have to limit our scope in the future so maybe we can continue to work that out.  The statute is clear.  We can employ legal and administrative personnel to assist and advise.” 

The motion to approve the new agreement with Cender Dalton was passed with a 7-0 vote.