In a recent news release, Representative Jack Jordan (R-Bremen) said, “According to the Commission for Higher Education, the number of Hoosiers pursuing college or workforce certificates continues to decrease. We also know Hoosiers need a credential or training beyond a high school diploma to succeed in today’s competitive job climate.”

That’s why he supported a new law to create more work-based learning opportunities in high schools.

To help remove barriers for students to access career training, apprenticeships, certifications, and internships, Indiana will offer Career Scholarship Accounts. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors can use CSAs to enroll in earn-and-learn opportunities, as well as to pay for items like transportation and uniforms. The Indiana Department of Education and the Commission for Higher Education will approve available courses and tracks, and accounts will be awarded $5,000 under the state’s new two-year budget.

Senator Jordan said, “The State Board of Education will re-examine high school diploma requirements to provide more flexibility in students’ schedules so they can pursue work-based learning and apprenticeship experiences. High schools around the state will also host annual career fairs to provide more opportunities for students and employers to connect.”

The senator closed his comments by saying, “We know employers across the state are struggling to find qualified candidates for job openings, and this effort is a critical step toward connecting our students with the skills they need for in-demand careers.”