Members of the Plymouth Park Board discussed several items during their meeting Monday evening in the Conservation Clubhouse.

Park Superintendent Mike Hite was happy to tell members the pool in Centennial Park will be opening on Thursday, June 8th.  Initially, the pool was scheduled to open on Monday, June 5th but once it was cleaned and filled the pressure of the water on the liner caused a tear.  Once that was located the park staff had to drain the pool, repair the tear, refill the pool, and get the chemicals back in the water.  It had been estimated that the community pool wouldn’t open until Monday, June 12th but with an efficient staff, the pool will open today at noon. The pool will be open Mondays through Saturdays from noon to 6 p.m. Admission is $3 for city residents and $5 for non-residents.  Children 4 and under are FREE.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi brought to the park board a deal the city is working on with the Collins brothers to swap some land.  Surrisi said that Centennial Crossings would like to donate about 8.5 acres of a wooded area north of Price’s Pond in exchange for a .3-acre lot of Parkview Street so they can develop a couple more rental homes. Surrisi asked the Plymouth Park Board if they would be willing to accept the additional acreage into the park system.

Superintendent Hite told GIANT fm WTCA the park board was agreeable to the land deal and said they could see a future walking path, nature walk, or even a mountain bike trail in that area.

The city park board also agreed to allow Wesley Skiles to expand the Disc Golf Course in Centennial Park.

In June of 2016, Curtis Smith built the current 5-hole course as his Eagle Scout project.  Wesley asked the Plymouth Park Board for permission to expand the course to 9 holes.  He told them he would fund the cost of the expansion project.   The board approved his request. 

The Disc Golf Course is in operation during the warmer months of the year and is located near the Dog Park and Sledding Hill in the back of Centennial Park.