On Monday, County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters told the Commissioners that they have completed most of the dust control project. 

Highway Department employees have reclaimed a large number of roads this year and once reclaimed the roads are sprayed with dust control to help control the dust when vehicles drive over the road surface.  The dust control also helps in hardening up the roadway. 

Peters told the commissioners that with the additional miles of reclaimed roads, he’s spent close to $450,000 on calcium.  His budget this year for the dust control was only $140,000 so eventually he will need an additional appropriation for the extra expense. 

Peters also said the crack sealing work has been completed and he’s planning to start the road striping shortly.  He will begin on roads that the striping and aren’t on the 2023 road program.  Peters said the reclaiming process is complete for now but more roads could be added later in the season.  The Highway Superintendent discussed with the commissioners the need for additional funding for road projects. Initially, he thought he would need about $2 million but that was lowered to $1.5 million.  On Monday, Peters said, “After reviewing the projects, I feel we could drop that amount to $1 million.”