Last Thursday members of the Marshall County Park and Recreation Board met in the Memorial Forest, in front of the Historic Trustee’s Cabin at State Road 17 and 14th Road for the monthly meeting. 

Brandon Calhoun updated members on the Mill Pond Multi-Use Trail. He said there is about a half mile of new trail that was completed this spring and is open for users.  That brings the total miles of trails up to about 5 miles.  Calhoun said they are running out of room to expand with plans for about another half mile of trail yet to be constructed. 

The committee has decided to take a break this summer and reconvene on the plan this fall.  Currently, they are trimming and doing general maintenance to keep the tails clear.

Calhoun also wanted to thank whoever put the NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES signs up.  He said they’ve caught some kids on dirt bikes on the trail and have asked them not to ride motorized vehicles on the trails. He told them to come back with a bicycle or walk the trails instead.  The committee also posted NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES on the park’s Facebook page.

Calhoun was asked about the bike repair station.  He said the concrete has been poured and the equipment delivered.  They are still waiting for installation which will also include a rustic shelter over it.

Dick Markley head of the Cabin Relocation and Restoration Project didn’t have much information.  The county’s insurance provided had asked for a replacement cost estimate and Yoder’s Log and Timber, the company hired to dismantle, relocate and reconstruct the cabin gave the County Park and Recreation Board an estimate of $150,000 for the historic cabin.