On Friday, June 2, 2023, at approximately 10:20 am, Marshall County Police were dispatched to the 8,000 block of 7B Road for a report of an 83-year-old female, with Dementia, had walked away from the house around 8:30 am, and the family was not able to locate the female in question. Officers with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department responded.  A search was started with a request for assistance with K-9 tracking, Helicopter, and other resources to locate the female. Plymouth Fire Department, Indiana State Police (ISP), Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) arrived with manpower to assist in the search for the female.

A grid search was started.  Around 12:00 pm, the female was located in a ditch and was transported to the Hospital for examination. The incident was successful with a positive outcome from resources and agencies working jointly together.

Agencies Involved:           Marshall County Sheriff’s Department

                                          Plymouth Fire Department

                                          Indiana State Police

                                          (ISP) K-9 Units

                                          Indiana Department of Natural Resources DNR K-9 Unit