Senator Mike Braun will vote no on the debt ceiling bill expected to be voted on in the Senate as soon as tonight.

Senator Braun released this statement earlier this week about his opposition to the debt ceiling deal.

“This deal makes our current bloated spending levels the new baseline going forward, setting us further down the path to financial ruin. We need deep spending cuts, and Congress shouldn’t get paid until we deliver a real budget that seriously addresses our massive debt. There’s more drama here than usual but sadly the play is going to end the same way: the big spenders in both parties getting together to increase the size of the federal government.” – Senator Mike Braun

Senator Braun will receive a vote on his “No Default” amendment to the bill. This amendment removes the drama from debt ceiling negotiations by allowing the Treasury to continue to pay necessary obligations after an “X date” but will automatically cut 1% of discretionary spending every 30 days (not including entitlements) until Congress makes a deal, giving Congress an incentive to make a budget to avoid cuts to policy priorities from both parties.

Senator Braun spoke on the Senate floor today about his amendment, the debt ceiling impasse, and our country’s dire financial straits.

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