Congressman Rudy Yakym (IN-02) issued the following statement Wednesday after voting for the Fiscal Responsibility Act:

“Today’s vote is an important first step towards stopping out-of-control, inflation-inducing spending and restoring fiscal responsibility in Washington.

“For months and months President Biden and congressional Democrats insisted they wouldn’t negotiate and would only agree to a clean debt-limit increase. This legislation proves them wrong.  

The Fiscal Responsibility Act puts a halt to President Biden’s reckless spending sprees and represents the largest spending cut in history. It also strengthens work requirements, cuts government red tape, and prevents the Biden Administration from hiring any new IRS enforcement agents this year.

“Washington did not amass nearly $32 trillion in debt overnight, and no single piece of legislation alone will solve our debt crisis, which is the greatest threat to our nation’s future. But this is a good start to changing our fiscal trajectory and the unsustainable spending culture in Washington. 

“On the House Budget Committee I will continue fighting for solutions that get our fiscal house in order so our children and grandchildren can enjoy the same opportunities and grow up in an America as free and prosperous as the one that we did.”