City Councilman Don Ecker brought forth his concerns with a property on Hillcrest Avenue that needs attention from the property owner. 

The location, 1808 Hillcrest was a hoarder’s house with about two dozen dogs and deemed unfit for human habitation.  The property was purchased by Eduin Rodriguez sight unseen in September 2021 for $40,000.  In the early spring of 2022, Rodriquez demolished the single-story home at the city’s demand.  He left the basement foundation with plans to rebuild another home on the foundation but that hasn’t happened yet.  

Ecker said the grass is exceptionally high. 

The city’s new Building Commissioner, Dennis Manuwal Jr. said a letter was mailed to Rodriguez on May 22nd giving him 10 days to take action.

Manuwal told the city council had concerns about the basement structure still being in place and the safety concerns of having an open basement.  The Building Commissioner said he needed to look further into the situation since the old building commissioner has retired and moved to the Philippines and the city attorney was out of the office when the situation came up.   

Update: This photo was taken on May 31st, 2023 and the grass had been mowed.