The Marshall County Commissioners meeting last week handled a number of items. 

County Plan Director, Ty Adley presented a request for a minor subdivision at 12095 Queen Road on behalf of David and Janice Wilma.  There were no comments during the public hearing.  The commissioners suspended the rules and passed the request on all three readings.

Nick Treber, Director of the Bourbon Public Library appeared before the commissioners and recommended they appoint Cheri Kilgore to fulfill the remaining term of Athena Stenstrom.  The commissioners approved the appointment.

County Recorder Janet Howard presented the commissioners with a request to purchase a new copier from Adams Remco for $3,879 which was approved.  She had been leasing a copy machine from another company.  Howard said she was able to lock in the rate for a 5-year maintenance contract and in years 6 and 7 the maintenance will increase by 10%.  The commissioners approved her purchase request.